Monday, November 29, 2010

Chapter 6 Table of Contents

Here is what you need to have completed before you attempt the Chapter 6 pen & paper test.

Post 1 - Intro

 Post 2 - Visual for comparing the 4 market structures.  Find a way to link to your visual/upload or attach it.

 Post 3 - Pick 5 things you wanted to purchase/actually did purchase recently and identify the market structures the product exists in.  After each item - write 3-4 sentences explaining your opinion.

Post 4 - Please follow this link and take the three practice quizzes and write a blog about the 8 things you learned from these quizzes.

 Post 5 - Please write a blog entry on one monopoly or cartel (oligopolies that cooperate) that you want broken up and how that change would benefit you, your friends, and family.

Post 6 - Please find a flip card or review card game for the laws (and their purpouse) mentioned at the end of Chapter 6.  Make sure you provide a link to your game!

Post 7  - Name the 4 varieties of monopoly and give a real or fake sample of each.

Take the Old School Pen and Paper Test!

Other duty:
Have a list of at least 5 useful websites in your links catalog.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Round 2

This post will serve as a kick-off for our last phase of our Economics class.

Your first assignment worth 25 points will be to create a blog here on  Your first post needs to be an introduction.  Readers will want to know the purpose of your blog.  They will also be interested to know a bit about you.  Keep in mind that it is the "world" wide web and you do not want to share too much.

Your blog will be name FIRSTNAMELASTINITIALCampbellEcon.