Monday, December 06, 2010


Here is the link for Comments4kids.  If you want extra credit become a follower of one of the blogs listed.  Please be sure to read and follow the rules of comments4kids:

Rules for Comments4Kids
1) Relevant
2) Positive
3) Comment only when you have something to say.

4) Always use good conventions (capitalization, punctuation, etc.)

I am honestly excited about you and the outside world connecting.
Make me proud -


  1. Wow...from google - look at the people who viewed our blogs over last 24 hrs!

    United States 7
    Canada 1
    United Kingdom 1
    New Zealand 1
    Russian Federation 1

  2. You are living in exciting times. I remember when my blog first started getting hits from around the world. It is great you are sharing this with your students :)

    The rules were created for my own classroom. Feel free to modify them to fit your needs. There are other examples throughout other class blogs that are good too.